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Vinyl & Lamination Trade Printing

Posted on December 18 2014

Being located on a busy High street in a relatively small space means we are unable to house large printing machinery, we would like to but the logistics of doing so don't really warrant the investment.

We heard about Group101 through a video they were featured in by Roland, the team looked very impressive on the video so we decided to pay them a visit one afternoon and I'm so glad we did.

When we arrived at the 101 HQ we were professionally greeted by their staff and immediately sat in their chill out zone and offered a coffee. The guys took there time to understand our business and what we do, not at any point did they try to force their service on us, they listened and then advised how they felt there services could fit in with our business.

We've been using them now for a few months and sending around 20 -30m of print on a weekly basis. The quality and the finish of the printing is spot on each and every time.

A great company to work with, they simply won't let you down!

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