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In order to ensure your artwork is produced accurately, please ensure you take a moment to read the following requirements. For a detailed set of instructions, please see the technical information section on the relevant product pages, as these may require you to set up or submit your artwork differently. 





  • JPG/JPEG (High Resolution Only)
  • AI 
  • EPS 
  • PDF
  • TIFF (Flattened)
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop - Layers Flattened) 





    • All fonts must be outlined or converted to curves or shapes.
    • All images must be embedded and NOT linked.
    • Supplied in CMYK mode *No RGB or Spot Colours*.
    • Supplied with a 5mm bleed (When 100% scaled).
    • Crops marks MUST be included.
    • Any artwork outside of the art-board setup provided WILL BE IGNORED - Please ensure all relevant artwork is within your sized art-board.
    • If sending a PDF with multiple files please be sure to separate these into individual pages and save as individual files.(DO NOT send combined PDF’s).
    • Edge to edge printing as per our hoarding boards is done in such a way that 1-2mm of the edge of your image is overprinted to achieve the exact size of a hoarding sheet. Please take this into consideration with smaller intricate details, as you will be losing that amount of your image and this may not line up 100% - Hoarding panels are designed to be viewed from a 1M distance.
    • Images must be properly prepared for print - Clients are reminded that any images being layered in a artwork file are properly prepared and checked to ensure image quality backgrounds, and any overprint layers are removed. Unexpected results as a failure to follow this could create issues for which we will not be held responsible. 




    • All fonts MUST be outlined or converted to curves or shapes.
    • Artwork MUST be supplied at 100% scale where possible, if being supplied at a smaller size scale MUST be listed clearly
    • All images MUST be embedded NOT linked and saved as CMYK and NOT RGB please avoid the use of spot colours. 
    • Files need to be prepared in layer format- The top layer must contain a cut contour and be named 'CUT CONTOUR'.  Contour lines need to be set at 100% Magenta - Second layer to be name 'ARTWORK' must contain your artwork. Clients are reminded that if this layer contains clipping masks and grouped content that its is kept separate from any cut contours. Your cut contours MUST NOT be grouped, be sure to add a 2-3 mm bleed to your artwork layer to ensure no white edge is shown on finished results. 
    • Printed layer and cut contour layer should be set up as separate layers in your saved file. 
    • Files MUST be saved as PDF file with no compression selected - If sending an Ai or EPS file be sure to back save this to a CS5 file
    • **Failing to adhere to the above can create unexpected results - Please be sure to follow these instructions**




    If you order includes custom contour cutting please be sure to add a separate layer to your file with the contour cut line stroke set at 0.25pt and supplied in the following CYMK colour - C:0% M:100% Y:0% K:0%. When supplying artwork for contour cutting please be sure to provide your artwork with a 3mm bleed to avoid any white edges showing.





    Just choose the product, select your options and follow the instructions on the product page.


    If you are planning on sending us your files via email or using your own file transfer software like 'wetransfer' please ensure all files are sent to the email address any other emails addresses for artwork will be ignored and could delay your order




    • PNG
    • GIF
    • BMP
    • DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word)
    • PUB (Microsoft Publisher)
    • XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)
    • CDR (Corel Draw)
    • INDD (Adobe Indesign)
    • QXP (Quark Xpress)





    If for any reason there are any issues with the files you have provided, we will contact you, and together we can discuss possible alternatives.

    Clients are reminded that the the size which has been ordered will be the size that your product will be printed at. This is due to the simple fact that our clients provide us with files, in a variety of scales.

    Please note our service is automated, we can not be held responsible if artwork supplied in an extremely low quality results in an unsuitable output. We make every effort to identify these issues, but clients are reminded that the detailed instructions above must be strictly adhered to, in order to ensure high quality results. If unexpected results have been received and this is deemed to be an artwork issue we can not be held responsible for this. 





    If you require further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0207 183 2909.  Alternatively you can use our live help chat client which can be found on the lower right hand side of each page.



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