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Please see below for further information in regards to the various options available for trade canvas printing products.



This is the actual size of the finished canvas when stretched around a stretcher bar frame



Our canvas prints are available with two types of canvas.

  • 260gsm - Polyester bright white canvas 
  • 380gsm - Poly cotton premium canvas 



We have several options available for the side finish of your canvas, these are the part wrapped around the edge of the frame 

White Wrap (Canvas edges are white) - The edges of your canvas will have a white edge, the print will stop to the face of the canvas



Black Wrap (Canvas edges are black) - The edges of your canvas will be printed in a black colour. Highly recommended for black and white images

Gallery Wrap (Photo wraps around the edges - This is where we take the edge of your image approximately 30mm and follow this around the edge of the frame. We do not recommend this wrap if important parts of the photo are close to its edges as they may get wrapped around the sides of the frame.

Mirror Wrap (Photo duplicated around the edges) - Your photo is printed to fit perfectly onto the front of the frame. The edges of your photo are then duplicated and mirrored on the sides of the frame




    We highly recommend the spray coating option to all our clients as this protects and enhances your canvases life and protects it from damage. 


    Email Proof - A PDF proof of your canvas sent to your prior to printing 

    Hanging Kit -  A special canvas hanging kit designed to hold your canvas flat to the wall


    Framers Tape Base - The back of your canvas is taped with a specialist framers tape, this covers all the staples and fixing on the reverse of the canvas. A favourite amongst our trade clients and photographers.

    Protective Coating - Your canvas is sprayed using a high compression spray gun with a silk finish protective varnish coating, not only does it protect the surface of your canvas it also enhances the colours of your image.


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